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Bonanza by Big Time Gaming

Bonanza is a 96.00% RTP slot game made by Big Time Gaming with 117649 paylines, 6 reels and 7 rows. Bonanza is a Medium-High RTP game with Very High volatility and its ranked 3 out of thousands of games at Bonanza is ranked 1 of all Big Time Gaming games and its themes include Mining. Bonanza main features include Golden Symbols, Additional Paylines and Free Spins.

Bonanza casinos

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Bonanza Demo Play

bonanza demo

Bonanza Player Reviews

Bonanza demo playOne of the most infamous video slots I’ve come across. However, the pros that I’ve gathered for this game are far outweighed by its cons, hence the relatively low rating that has been given by me. (Source:

Rating: 2 / 5 Stars

Bonanza where to playI would’ve easily given this game a 5-star review had it been written a year before this review, and as much as I love this online slot, the bonus frequency on this game has lately been a problem. Back then, at least, this game used to give players a run for their money, but not, things aren’t the same with this slot. (Source:

Rating: 3 / 5 Stars

Bonanza slot sitesI remember when this game came out back in the day and was the talk of the town for casino players. Like every other game, this slot gave me both good and bad experiences. The game has pretty good graphics and is super easy to understand, which is why it’s super easy to get into the concepts of the slot. One thing I didn’t like was the difficulty level of triggering the bonus. Oh, and the dead spins on this game are surreal, which is something a lot of players face in this game (Source:

Rating: 3 / 5 Stars

Bonanza is funThe concept of this game is pretty amazing, cascading wins feature is really good as well, but the bad points outweigh the good ones, first and foremost of which is the terrible RTP of this game. There’s only one feature on this game and it’s the free spins, and even that feature entails a lot of hard work for players to get anything big on the game. So much for BTG claiming their game as “Volatile”. (Source:

Rating: 1 / 5 Stars

Bonanza for funBonanza really is an infamous slot and was most certainly on its peak last year when a lot of players were showing their big wins on this game. One thing I like about this game is that how easy it is to understand, and an odd realisation that occurred to me after hours of playing was that it has a calming effect on the mind, not entirely sure if its the background music or the feel of the game that does this. (Source:

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

Bonanza online slotI have a love/hate relationship with this game, and while this game often gives a lot of dry spells that seem to never end, Bonanza Slot did turn my small balance of £10 into 1500x my initial betting amount, which is the highest I’ve ever won on this game. (Source:

Rating: 3 / 5 Stars

Bonanza slot machineI was introduced to Bonanza back in 2015-2016 and for me, the game has always been really perfect. It features stunning features and robust gameplay, and aside from all the features it provides, the reason why most players have a love for this game is because of the high payouts it gives. It’s a highly recommended game and will definitely turn into a classic in the future. (Source:

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

Bonanza FAQsWith more than 117 thousand ways to win on this video slot, my love for this video slot couldn’t be any lesser. The game comes with pretty good background music that matches the overall design, and the game has given me wins as high as 500x my original bet, which is really something when compared to a lot of slots on the internet. (Source:

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

Bonanza on iphoneThis is by far my favourite game on the internet, and definitely not a game for the faint-hearted as you never know what’s gonna happen. The only downside about this game is the fact that it’s really to even hit 50x in the base game. (Source:

Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

Bonanza cloneUnlike other providers, players in this game can easily hit high wins using the minimum bet, however, the bonuses are really hard to get on this slot. (Source:

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

Top 5 Biggest Wins on Bonanza slot

Creator: ShaneTSGTV Slots
Date: 2th June 2021
Casino in the Video:

ShaneTSGTVSlots bonanza

Bonanza Slot has a very unique design and a good RTP to offer to its player, this is a video about a streamer getting a mega win. As we can see the streamer is casually spinning his luck, at first he talks with his audience then he continued to try his luck. After trying for a bunch of time he did not get much in return but after some dry spins, he got a big win of 1176.60 coins which was out of line for him, and then after that he kept spinning for his stream.

Creator: CasinoGrounds
Date: 10th October 2018
Casino in the Video: CasinoGrounds

CasinoGrounds bonanza

This video is on series of big wins on the Bonanza Slot, at the start there is a streamer with his live chat cheering him up. At the start, he starts with a few wins and does not win any good money, but he kept trying and pushing his luck. Then he got some luck and win a multiplier which got him a good luck and with that, he won a mega win of 1944.50 coins. He got very excited and told his stream that this is why kept spinning on this slot.

Creator: miikapekka
Date: 9th August 2020
Casino in the Video: MiikaPekka

miikapekka bonanza

With a good intro at the start, this is another video on a huge win on the bonanza slot. In this, there is no streamer present or any kind of person. The video starts with spinning the slot and won slowing some coins, then the person got some multipliers which led them to win an epic win of 565.90 coins which us a huge for them. Then the video continues for a bunch of spins and with the person trying his luck. The game has a good RTP because it always gives some good multipliers.

Creator: onlineLOOSER82 RealMoney SLOT CHANNEL ITALIA
Date: 5th April 2021
Casino in the Video: onlineLOOSER82

onlineLOOSER82 bonanza

A good visual always attract more players, the slot Bonanza has a very good theme with a nice color scheme. In this video, there is no live person or anything, the slot does not give anything good at the start but with keep it going, it gives a multiplier to its players then after that it gives a random big win and more multiplier to its player. Then, after trying for more than enough, a player won a huge win of 494 coins which was very surprising for us.

Creator: Paca-Mania
Date: 7th May 2021
Casino in the Video: JocResponsabil

Paca Mania bonanza

As a start of this video, the player does a few dry spins with now good luck. The game does not give much at the start but after trying for some time and hitting up with some good multipliers, he/she got an epic win of 881 coins. This is another video with no live or audio of a person, just random spins happening on their own but we saw a good win which was our prime focus throughout the video.

Bonanza slot critic’s reviews

AskGamblers.comBonanza slot offers Megaways which is only one of the indications that there is always something going on in this slot. In terms of volatility, the game can be put on a high volatility scale with occasional bumper scores. So get ready to dig deep in the Big Time Gaming’s Mount Cashmore and get these reels moving. Bonanza has been highly influential, popularising the Megaways concept whilst also propelling Big Time Gaming almost overnight to become one of the top providers in the industry. It also further cemented Big Time Gaming’s reputation as the leading provider of high variance, ultra high potential games. Some have argued that its success and influence has been on the level of Starburst, which may be true in some aspects, but we would argue that its impact has been far greater than that. One thing that will strike you when playing is the soundtrack. It has a hillbilly style backing track which is upbeat and exciting. Bonanza Megaways has the feel of a live casino slot which I think is a major factor in the success and appeal. Lots of ways to win, interesting theme, crisp graphics and an engaging soundtrack will definitely cause a gold rush, especially because there is a fantastic Free Spins feature on the offer, involving unlimited multipliers. However, the betting range could have been a little wider, just to satisfy the appetites of high rollers looking for an expensive thrill. All in all, you should check out the Bonanza video slot and try to fill your bags with gold and precious gemstones. Nevertheless, when you play Bonanza online via a mobile phone, the game offers the same user-experience as its desktop counterpart. While the layout of the buttons is slightly different to accommodate the smaller screen size, this does not hinder the end-to-end gaming experience in any way.

Slots like Bonanza

Bonanza has 4 closely related games including Diamond Mine Bonanza 2, Dynamite Digger and Dynamite Riches.

    Diamond Mine thumbnail
    Diamond Mine gameplay
    Diamond Mine slot has free spins feature on 4 or more of the sack of gold scatter, diamond mine megaways: you can win 20,000 times your stake on every free spin! features and is developed by Blueprint. Diamond Mine is ranked 21 on Slots Like.
    Bonanza 2
    Bonanza 2
    Bonanza 2 has 117649 paylines with 6 reels and 3 rows and a 96.82% RTP. Bonanza 2 is similar to Bonanza and that’s because it is the second game in the collection. It has features like collossal symbols bonus, increasing multipliers bonus, cascading wins bonus, and megaways features bonus round. It’s volatility is low which is unlike most Big Time Gaming Games. This slot has a layout of 6 reels, 3 rows, and 117649 Paylines.
    Dynamite Digger logo
    Dynamite Diggergame screen
    Dynamite Digger slot has exploding reels features and is made by Playtech. Dynamite Digger It is developed by Playtech and it’s volatility is medium-low. It’s placed in the medium RTP category with a 95.52% RTP. The feature of ‘Exploding reels bonus round’ is very dominant in this game, whilst it also has 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 Paylines.To win, you dig.
    Dynamite Riches slot game
    Dynamite Riches screenshot
    Dynamite Riches slot is a Mining themed game with 4 rows and 5 reels with a 95.70% RTP. Dynamite Riches From it’s features of Random Wilds bonus, Golden symbols and Collossal symbols bonus rounds, it is evident that this slot game was developed by Red Tiger Gaming. They have made it’s volatility very high, given it 5 reels, 4 rows and just 20 Paylines.

Games like Bonanza

Bonanza is mainly a Mining themed game with some references to other themes.

Top Mining Themed Slots

Mining themed slots

Bonanza slot game has a mining theme feature. Though it makes references to other themes, the mining theme is still it’s main theme. Mining theme games are like adventure games where you have to discover jewels, treasures, gold and many more by digging them out of specific locations in the game. For example, In Bonanza, you can get jewels from your mining and you can also get bomb traps which will make you lose. This is why a lot of players love mining games as it keeps them glued. Like Bonanza, Lost Island, Dynamite Digger, Dynamite Riches and Bonanza 2 also have mining theme.

Bonanza is a Mining themed online slot game. Other Mining themed online slots include Lost Island, Dynamite Digger, Bonanza 2 and Dynamite Riches.

Diamond MineDiamond Mine slot game

Diamond Mine has 117649 paylines with 6 reels and NA rows and a 96.43% RTP.

Diamond Mine Extra Gold gameDiamond Mine Extra Gold slot game
Diamond Mine Extra Gold comes with 117649 pay lines with 6 reels and 7 rows and a 94.13% RTP which is Medium-Low. Diamond Mine Extra Gold is developed by Blueprint and has Medium volatility.

Treasure Mine gameTreasure Mine slot game
Treasure Mine comes with 40 pay lines with 5 reels and 4 rows and a 95.20% RTP which is Medium. Treasure Mine is developed by Red Tiger Gaming and has Low volatility.

Dwarf Mine slotDwarf Mine slot game
Dwarf Mine slot is a Dwarf themed game with 4 rows and 5 reels with a 96.80% RTP.

Alternative Free Play Games by Bonanza Developer – Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming slots

Big Time Gaming was established in Sydney, Australia in 2011 and from that time till now, they have been giving the casino community some of the best games back to back. They invest most of their game knowledge in Megaways games and all these games have a common feature which is that they are very innovative. They are also known for having interest in non-jackpot slot games and creating them in a way to suit the needs of a wide range of professional gamers. They developed high-end fun games like Bonanza, Donuts, Lucky Streak , Mr Multiplier and Holy Diver.

Here are the best similar Big Time Gaming online slots to play, these slot games are all made by the same provider as Bonanza, they are Donuts, Lucky Streak, Mr Multiplier and Holy Diver.

  • Donuts slot game
    Donuts online slot Donuts in-play
    Donuts is ranked 8 out of 35 Big Time Gaming games and number 303 of all slots on
  • Lucky Streak slot game
    Lucky Streak online slot Lucky Streak in-play
    Lucky Streak is ranked 30 out of 35 Big Time Gaming games and number 3020 of all slots on
  • Mr Multiplier slot game
    Mr Multiplier online slot Mr Multiplier in-play
    Mr Multiplier is ranked 31 out of 35 Big Time Gaming games and number 3108 of all slots on
  • Holy Diver
    Holy Diver Holy Diver
    Holy Diver has 586789 paylines with 6 reels and 4 rows and a 96.39% RTP.

Bonanza key information 2022

Here are all the key statistics for Bonanza slot.

Bonanza Slot Info
Name: Bonanza
Provider: Big Time Gaming
Developer Rank: 1 out of 35 Big Time Gaming games
RTP: 96.00%
RTP Category: Medium-High
RTP Rank: 1754 out of all games
Feature Description: Just Spin The Reels And Expect For Four Golden Scatters To Appear. This Will Get You A Round Of 12 Free Spins. Even Better Every Additional Scatter Symbol Will Add Five More Free Spins To The Mix. Awesome
Feature Categories: Free Spins, Additional Paylines, Golden Symbols
Reels: 6
Rows: 7
Paylines: 117649
Volatility: Very High
Volatility Rank: 1 out of all games
Min Bet: 20
Max Bet: 20
Max Win: 10000
Slotslike Rank: 3 out of all slots
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Bonanza Screenshot

bonanza screenshot

Bonanza Bonus Features

bonanza bonus feature 1

bonanza bonus feature 2

bonanza bonus feature 3

bonanza bonus feature 4

Slots with the same bonuses and features as Bonanza

Bonanza has similar slots with the bonus features: Free Spins, Additional Paylines and Golden Symbols.

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The best matching slots with Free Spins are Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie, Agent Jane Blonde, 80 Days Adventure and Lucha Maniacs.

Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie slot game

Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie
Agent Jane Blonde slot game

Agent Jane Blonde
80 Days Adventure slot game

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Lucha Maniacs

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Our Recommended slots with Additional Paylines are Fishin For Gold and Angel Or Devil.

Fishin For Gold slot game

Fishin For Gold
Angel Or Devil slot game

Angel Or Devil

Online slots with Golden Symbols

Other matching slots with Golden Symbols are Fishin For Gold and Angel Or Devil.

Atlantis slot game

Atlantis Slot
Desert Treasure 2 slot game

Desert Treasure 2

Bonanza slot sites FAQs

🎰 What slots are like Bonanza?

🎰 What is Bonanza RTP %?

Bonanza by Big Time Gaming has an RTP of 96.00%. View all Very High RTP slots here >>

🎰 What developer made Bonanza?

Bonanza was developed by Big Time Gaming. View the top Big Time Gaming slots here >>

🎰 What bonus features does Bonanza have?

Bonanza bonus features include Golden Symbols, Additional Paylines, Free Spins. View similar slots here >>